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How using Extension Kit for M-Files decreased time of M-Files implementation by 80%

See how M-Files partner Deltalink Consulting (now The Document Warehouse Digital) implemented M-Files for a branch of a global engineering services company using Extension Kit. Read more to find out how they saved time and developer resources with automations and without writing a single line of code.


Completed implementation in 1.5 weeks

Set custom processes without development

Savings in time and developer resources


Completed implementation in 1.5 weeks

Set custom processes without development

Savings in time and developer resources

About The Document Warehouse (formerly Deltalink Consulting)

The Document Warehouse Digital is a document management solutions provider. For the past 30 years, the company has helped businesses streamline operations, optimize workflow and enhance customer satisfaction. The company designs solutions that help customers achieve their digital transformation goals and deliver measurable benefits such as reducing costs, increasing productivity, and improving the quality of service.


Since 2008


South Africa


Extension Kit for M-Files

Key challenges in M-Files implementations

In their M-Files implementations, The Document Warehouse Digital faced the challenge of complete reliance on developers for scripts or VAF applications for seemingly simple M-Files additional requirements from clients. This proved costly and often clients couldn’t be invoiced for all the hours worked. Furthermore, they wanted to prove the value of the M-Files solution to customers as soon as possible, but they faced difficulty showcasing the power of M-Files to potential customers without spending a lot of time and effort on customizing and coding.

Why Extension Kit for M-Files?

“Firstly, it allowed us to implement new functions or solutions quickly for our clients. Secondly, it is a tried and tested solution that is production-ready out of the box. And thirdly, it provides us with the capability to offer greater value to our M-Files customers”, stated Harrie Terblanche, the CEO of The Document Warehouse Digital.

Extension Kit has completely transformed our M-Files practice, allowing us to service more clients and offer more solutions in a fraction of the time.

Harrie Terblanche, CEO of TDW Digital

Why did The Document Warehouse Digital choose Extension Kit?


Speed of implementation of new functions for clients


Validated solution that is production ready out of box


Ability to offer greater value to our M-Files customers

Client case study

The Document Warehouse Digital successfully implemented the M-Files with Extension Kit for a local branch of a global company specializing in Engineering Services for maintenance projects on industrial sites, such as power stations and petrochemical plants.


Engineering Services


30.000 employees worldwide


South Africa


Extension Kit for M-Files


  • Property Operations
  • Object Creation
  • Property Calculations
  • Versioning

The M-Files solution

woman working on pc in M-Files

The client previously relied on paper-based onboarding and manual processes, making it difficult to share files with the Head office and other satellite sites. To address these issues, the Client chose M-Files as a software solution as it offered the ability to scale across other departments of their business.

However, certain functionalities were requested by customer:

  • the ability to generate objects from templates automatically
  • advanced property validation 
  • the ability to manipulate values and properties 

Deltalink used Extension Kit to create a sophisticated solution in a short amount of time. 

Modules used:

Object Creation

Property Calculations

Property Operations


Result: 80% of the time saved using Extension Kit

As a result, the project was completed in a short amount of time without the need for complex coding, resulting in a seamless and refined solution that effectively addressed the client’s needs. The implementation process was quick and easy, without any need for rework, and testing was simpler as a result.

Updates to the project could be made in a matter of hours instead of days, and maintenance is now easier since anyone with an understanding of the Extension Kit can make updates to the project.

Instead of 3 weeks of development and testing, we were able to complete the automations in 2.5 days and testing in 0.5 days. Changes to the process have also only taken a few hours, where previously, using VAF, it would take a couple of days.

Harrie Terblanche, CEO of The Document Warehouse Digital

80% of time saved using Extension Kit

About Extension Kit for M-Files

The Extension Kit for M-Files is a Vault Application Framework (VAF) application, just like any other M-Files add-on. It’s a no-code solution designed to achieve more with your M-Files implementations, with new functionalities developed regularly in co-ordinance with partners’ and customers’ needs. The Extension Kit provides a range of new functionalities within M-Files that can benefit users from both technical and business perspective.

Get the PDF version of the case study here.