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M-Files Content Operations

Advanced operations for your content

Do more with your content. Manipulate and transfer data in M-Files easily with Content Operations modules.

Tansfer data and manipulate content with M-Files content operations

Better ways to handle your documents

With customized signatures and watermarks. Convert your documents to PDFs, merge them or revert the changes. Transfer data between two M-Files vaults or from external source.

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Better document control

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Sync content of your vaults

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Transfer data between external sources and your M-Files vault

Content Processing

Document Processing

Have more control over your documents in the workflow.

  • Convert to PDF – convert from Word, Excel or text.
  • Add/remove watermark – use picture or text as watermark, import from object / local disk, and customize according to your needs (font, color, size).
  • Add/remove signature – customizable – change color, font type or size, direction of the text, and more.
  • Merge/undo – add pages to the start, middle or end of the document.
  • Restore original – restore all changes of document processing to the first version of your document.

Content Transfer

Data Transfer

Transfer your content effortlessly.

Import or export documents from/to different sources, set file attributes as properties, manipulate existing property values upon transfer and more.

Vault to Vault

Sync two vaults when trigger happens. Create, update or delete new or existing object in another vault upon triggering set trigger source.

Extension Kit for M-Files

Save time on implementation AND get more for your clients

Extension Kit gives you the leverage as an M-Files partner and helps you deliver a better solution faster, with better customer satisfaction.


Introducing AI Document Kit: Add-on for AI-driven Document Management