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Extension Kit for M-Files

Unlock the full potential of M-Files without coding.
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A no code solution for extended M-Files capabilities.

Extension Kit is a set of powerful functionalities that unlock the full potential of M-Files, without custom coding. 

Rely on M-Files even more.

Offer your customers better quality, more functionalities and faster configuration using M-Files Admin tool.

Who can benefit from Extension Kit for M-Files

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Bring your business together by connecting multiple systems without coding.

Choose what suits your business needs best

Connect values from Excel sheets with M-Files Object properties; make HTTP calls to the third party services based on trigger in the M-Files or based on predefined schedule; or simply connect with MS SQL database.

  • No need for API coding to connect
  • Read from the database, execute/call procedures based on event or schedule
  • Map values from Excel sheet to M-Files Object properties based on business rules

Property Operations

Control how properties change based on events in M-Files without writing a single line of code. Automatically populate your properties either with internal or SQL database data.

  • No need for event handler VB scripts
  • Automate calculation of your data
  • Sync your properties with data from database

Content Operations

Manage your content in M-Files more efficiently.

Optimize workflows with the ability to add and remove signatures and watermarks. Convert your documents to PDFs, merge them or revert the changes, and transfer data between two M-Files vaults or from external source.

  • Better document control within workflow
  • Transfer data between external repositories and your M-Files vault
  • Sync content of your vaults

Object Operations

Simplify project management in M-Files.

Automatically create new objects, set automatic validation of properties when creating or updating M-Files objects, create templates and more.

  • Data validation
  • Advanced versioning
  • Optimized business processes

Advanced Notifications

New features for sending email notifications from M-Files.

Automate sending emails to both external and internal parties when trigger happens.

  • Send emails with attachments
  • Send automatic emails to external mail addresses
  • Send an email when a user writes a comment

Advanced Reporting

Create powerful reports based on information stored in M-Files. Choose the data format, how and where the report will be stored.

  • Database is not required
  • Multiple file formats
  • Multiple export destinations

What Our Customers Say about Extension Kit for M-Files

Dominik Wcibisz

Regional Implementations Lead, Iron Mountain Polska

My team members are now able to create operations/functions that under normal circumstances would have been made by programmers, thereby we’re able to make configurations way faster and cheaper.

Harrie Terblanche

COO, The Document Warehouse Digital

We extensively use Extension Kit to enrich the process capabilities of our M-Files customers, which has taken our solutions provided to our customers to a whole new level of complexity and functionality.

Srikanth Matam

General Manager, Oxford Technologies Australia

With Extension Kit, we have been able to take our M-Files usage to a new level in house without having to understand event handlers, coding. I could not imagine our M-Files implementation being as effective without Extension Kit.

Extension Kit for M-Files

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Extension Kit for M-Files

Save time on implementation AND get more for your clients

Extension Kit gives you the leverage as an M-Files partner and helps you deliver a better solution faster, with better customer satisfaction.