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Introducing Unitfly’s New Product: AI Document Kit for M-Files

Leveraging AI-driven technology in document management processes, we’re proud to announce that Unitfly’s team has developed a new M-Files solution – AI Document Kit for M-Files.

AI Document Kit is a connector designed to integrate M-Files with Azure AI services without custom development, for automated document classification and data extraction. Eliminating the need for coding resources, AI Document Kit not only streamlines and accelerates the integration process but also reduces development costs.

By connecting the platforms, AI Document Kit provides the convenience of performing AI-based document analysis directly from M-Files. With AI-driven document classification, AI Document Kit allows users to automatically categorize and save documents with a predetermined confidence level, expediting classification processes, minimizing errors, and maximizing efficiency. With just a click of a button within a metadata card, users can analyze invoices, contracts, and receipts using Azure AI prebuilt models, receive metadata suggestions based on the extracted data, and assign them as properties in M-Files.

We’ll also take this opportunity to announce the functionalities that are yet to be released, as our development team is working on adding new features. With the upcoming feature of training custom models, users will not be dependent on the prebuilt models but will have the ability to train models based on data in their M-Files vault, to have automated classification and data extraction tailored to their own business needs.

“AI Document Kit is a step towards fully automating document classification and data extraction in M-Files. It’s powerful to have the ability to perform document analysis even on documents whose structure we don’t know. With AI Document Kit and integration with Azure AI Document Intelligence, this is now possible in an affordable way”, says Unitfly’s software engineer Dino Grgić.

Explore the possibilities of AI Document Kit for M-Files further and stay tuned for details on our upcoming free trial. Revolutionize your document management with the power of AI.

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