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Best Add-ons For Your M-Files Implementations

Do More With M-Files

Offer your customers enhanced quality, more functionalities, and faster configuration with Unitfly Toolkit for M-Files. Without coding.

M-Files add-ons Unitfly Toolkit for M-Files

No-Code/Low Code Add-ons for Customizing and Improving M-Files Capabilities

Unitfly Toolkit for M-Files offer seamless integrations with external systems, extended capabilities inside M-Files.

Extension Kit for M-Files icon

Extension Kit for M-Files

Do complex M-Files implementations without coding.

REST OT Kit icon

REST OT Kit for M-Files

Sync objects from external systems with M-Files using REST API.

Integration Kit icon

Integration Kit for M-Files

Integrate 3rd party systems using Microsoft Integration Services within Microsoft 365 and Azure.

Process Intelligence Kit icon

Process Intelligence Kit for M-Files

Extract data from M-Files and prepare it for further process analysis.

Why Unitfly Toolkit for M-Files

No Coding
Reduced Implementation Time
Enhanced Quality
More Possibilities

Who is Unitfly Toolkit for?

Using Unitfly Toolkit for M-Files, you can achieve much more with your M-Files, both from the technical and business perspective. Unitfly Toolkit can support you regardless of your role in the company or team.

Demonstrate powerful and advanced M-Files capabilities to the customer in a matter of minutes and without coding.

Instead of writing VB scripts or using Vault Application Framework (VAF), which can be time-consuming, you can simply configure advanced M-Files actions without writing a single line of code.

Are you lacking time or resources to do the M-Files implementations fast and with quality? Is there a shortage of software engineers to deliver the functionalities the project needs? Unitfly Toolkit saves the time and resources you need for custom implementations.

Unitfly Toolkit can help you utilize M-Files to the fullest and ensure there are no errors. It can help you support new use cases and make sure the expansion performance remains the same.


Implementation time saved

"My team members are now able to create operations/functions that under normal circumstances would have been made by programmers, thereby we're able to make configurations way faster and cheaper."

Dominik Wcibisz Regional Implementations Lead

"With Extension Kit, we have been able to take our M-Files usage to a new level in house without having to understand event handlers, coding. I could not imagine our M-Files implementation being as effective without Extension Kit."

Srikanth Matam General Manager

"The reason why we love the Extension Kit is because it eliminates the need for writing custom code in projects nearly completely. The efficiency gain through the Extension Kit can be extremely high depending on customer needs. I consider it as a must have in the portfolio of every M-Files solution partner."

Beat Dietrich Head of ECM Business

"We use Excel Integration with Extension Kit for M-Files. This module helps us with workflows related to financial analysis. It allows us to save a lot of time and systematize information. It is a perfect complement to the possibilities of M-Files."

Mariusz Kroszkiewicz Board Chairman

"With Extension Kit, we elevate M-Files to a premium ECM system, surpassing industry standards for quality and speed. It enables us to develop customized, future-proof, innovative solutions, and deliver fast results while ensuring long-lasting maintainability, adaptability, and release stability. These factors maximize value for our customers, bringing them real, lasting benefits."

Daniel Mislovic CEO & Senior Consultant

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