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Calculate working days in M-Files

Did you know that you can use M-Files and Extension Kit to calculate days, for example, for tracking employees’ vacation days? We found this feature useful for planning resources on projects, writing HR documentation etc.

Let’s explain how it works.

We created Object type = Vacation in our M-Files Vault and added class Vacation Application. We used it for logging the days someone is out of office for more than one day.

Also we created a property Working days in which we want to calculate working days in M-Files between start and end day of vacation. In addition, you can add what days are non-working, for precise calculation.

Extension Kit dashboard

Also, you can define that the system stops calculating holidays as working days, or simply choose the holiday that you don’t want to calculate.

In this feature, we used Holiday API, which allows users to manage holiday dates and makes it easier to, for example, calculate working days in months, calculate quarterly non-working days, etc.

Remove holidays from calculation in M-Files

Here you go! Plan your resources efficiently with calculating days in M-Files.

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