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How to send a document at specific stage of a workflow in M-Files

Did you know that it’s possible to send a document at a specific stage of workflow in M-Files, for example, when it becomes active or is due to expire? With Extension Kit you can configure this easily.

Here’s a use case to show you how you can send an email from the Extension Kit using Email Notifications.

Send a Contract when it becomes active

Our created Contract goes through the workflow Document Workflow -1. When Contract entered state Active we want to send it to both parties included in the Contract.

Besides sending an email when Contract enters workflow state, Extension Kit allows you to send emails when object is created, object is changed, scheduled, run once, object changed state and OnComment. For more detailed information find Extension Kit documentation here.

Send a document at a specific stage of a workflow – Configuring Email Notifications

configuring sending document in a specific stage of a workflow in Extended Email Notification

If selected trigger is ObjectEnteredState such as in our example, the email is sent when document enters state Active.

m-files send email at a specific stage of workflow

The email is displayed as below:

email sent from M-Files when the stage of workflow changes

TIP: In addition to sending attachment from source object, you can select object from reference or from custom object.

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