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Extension Kit - Simple vs. Advanced Property Operations

Gain insights into the module’s capabilities and discover the details of simple and advanced configuration modes that unlock the full potential of M-Files – without the need for custom coding.


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About Extension Kit
Extension Kit is an M-Files add-on designed to enhance your M-Files experience. It is a no-code solution that offers powerful functionalities and accelerates implementation without requiring any custom coding. With this reliable, tested, and validated product, you can have more functionalities in M-Files and achieve faster configuration.

About Property Operations module
With Property Operations, you can manipulate property values based on triggers without coding:

  • Copy property from one property to another if an object has changed, created, or entered the specific state.
  • Set properties on one object dynamically or statically based on an event on another object.

What to expect from the webinar

Calculating properties in M-Files with Extension Kit

About the speakers

Tadej Šetinc, Software Engineer

Tadej Šetinc, a software engineer at Unitfly, brings over six years of programming expertise to his role. His primary focus lies in developing tailored solutions for M-Files, with a particular emphasis on advancing the Extension Kit product. Recognized within the Toolkit for M-Files community, Tadej frequently provides technical support to ensure customers optimize their use of M-Files.

Viktor Zagajski, Solution Consultant

Viktor Zagajski is a solution consultant at Unitfly. With a background in PL/SQL development, he now focuses on implementing M-Files and Extension Kit. In addition to implementing and presenting solutions, Viktor actively educates Extension Kit users and offers technical support, making him a familiar name in the Toolkit for the M-Files community.

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