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Integrate M-Files with external systems using HTTP

Learn how to use Extension Kit for M-Files and Logic Apps to connect M-Files to almost any external service, such as Outlook, Calendar, Salesforce, etc.

Without custom coding.


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We’ll show you how to call a REST and SOAP API using Extension Kit and how to parse their responses. We’ll use Logic Apps as an example of how to use Extension Kit and integration services capabilities to integrate external systems with M-Files. 

Use case
A customer wants to connect systems that are used daily, such as Calendar, Outlook with M-Files. Using Extension Kit HTTP Integration and Logic Apps, you can integrate M-Files with those systems, so the customer can, for example, see all the information from the calendar event in M-Files, attach meeting notes to meeting requests easily, etc.

Things you'll learn

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Extension Kit for M-Files is a reliable, tested and validated product that ensures a faster M-Files implementation with more functionalities. It is an M-Files add-on that offers enhanced quality of implementation, with less resources and without having to write a single line of code!


Azure Logic Apps is a cloud-based service for creating and running workflows that automate tasks and integrate different applications and services. It provides a wide range of connectors that allow you to integrate with a variety of services and applications.

About the speaker

Alan Debijadi : Unitfly

Alan Debijađi, COO

Alan is the co-founder and COO of Unitfly. With extensive experience as Senior Software Architect for one of the leading Croatian IT companies, his focus is on integrations, business process automations for enterprises, both On-premises and Cloud. He’s a passionate blogger and presenter at conferences. 

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