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Object Templates allow M-Files users to clone all the referenced objects on the creation of any object type that is marked as a template.

Configuration #

  1. Open M-Files Admin
  2. In the left-side tree view, expand the desired connection to M-Files Server.
  3. In the left-side tree view, expand the Document Vaults node.
  4. Still, in the left-side tree view, expand the vault where you installed the connector and select Configurations.
  5. Expand Other Applications
  6. Expand Extension Kit
  7. Click on Object templates

Field description #

EnabledYes/NoSpecifies whether the module is in use.
Configuration modeSimple/AdvancedDisplay simple or advanced configuration options for module.
Rule groups [n] > Group [n]
NameTextSpecifies rule group name.
Rule groups [n] > Group [n] > Rules [n] > Rule [n]
NameTextSpecifies unique rule name.
DescriptionTextOptional rule description.
Configuration modeSimple/AdvancedDisplay simple or advanced configuration options for rule.
Object TypeObject typesObject type that this rule is applied to.
Original Template PropertyProperty definitionProperty definition on the selected object type that will hold reference to the original template.
Search timeout (seconds)IntegerDisplayed only if [Advanced] is selected as Configuration mode. Search timeout in seconds.
Business CriticalYes/NoIf set to true, rule will be logged in SEQ.
Rule groups [n] > Group [n] > Rules [n] > Rule [n] > Classes of references to clone
ClassClassClasses of references on original template that will be cloned to the new object.
PropertyDefinitionProperty DefinitionProperty to remove from new object and its cloned references.
Some properties are always removed:
• Created
• CreatedBy
• LastModified
• LastModifiedBy
• StatusChanged
• Deleted
• DeletedBy
• IsTemplate
• StateEntered
• SingleFileObject
Rule groups [n] > Group [n] > Rules [n] > Rule [n] > Properties to override
Property definitionPropertyDefinitionProperties to override in cloned references with values from new object.
Time to wait (milliseconds)IntegerNumber of milliseconds to Wit before completing any rule in background.
Numbers of retriesIntegerMaximum number od times COM errors are retried.
Retry interval (milliseconds)IntegerNumber of milliseconds to wait between retries.

Use Case #

Create Projects from Templates #

You can create a template project in the M-Files, as well as template phases, milestones, documents, etc. Upon creation of a new project, if you select to create it from the template, every other referenced object will be cloned. That way, you are able to automatically create projects from templates without having to manually “replicate” the structure for your projects.

Configuration #

configuration of M-Files Object Templates

When a new Project is created from the template, first, second milestone, and initial project documents will automatically add to them.

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