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[Solved] How to just Update OT "Asset" (for recalculation of the Title) when related OT "Customer" Property "Shortname" is updated.

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Hey Folks,

I have a quite simple setup:

Two OT's, Customer and Assets.

Every Asset has a Property “Customer” (List of OT Customers) and an Extended Auto Calculated "Title".

Now, we added on the OT Customer a property "Short name". My wish is now, that when somebody updated the customers' short name, that the "Title Calculation Rule" from the OT Asset is triggered that the new Property "Customer.Short name" can be added to the title.

So, the Asset Rule already work, i can update it manually and it loads the Shortname. But the indirect update for all related Asset from a Customer is not working I don't know how to implement.



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Hey @daniel-mislovic,

I believe 2 separate Property Calculations rules would help you.

The first rule would be the one you already have, and the second one would be triggered by the Customers "Short Name" and then calculate property on asset.

You can do that by changing the Configuration mode to "Advanced" and setting the Calculate propert on = "Vault Search".

Now you can find the related OT.Asset with condition like : "PD.Customer" = %.%.

The only possible problem here is that this new rule would trigger the first Property Calculation rule that is triggered by the OT.Asset.


I hope this helps with you with your use case.


Please feel free to ask any additional questions.


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Thank you for your answer!