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ModuleModule typeValidated for Cloud
Object TemplatesStandard ModuleNo
Property CalculationsStandard ModuleYes
Property OperationsStandard ModuleYes
Document ProcessingStandard ModuleYes
NotificationsStandard ModuleYes
AssignmentsStandard ModuleNo
Auto PropertiesStandard ModuleYes
Object CreationStandard ModuleYes
Property BuilderStandard ModuleNo
ValidationStandard ModuleYes
Auto Numbering PropertiesStandard ModuleYes
VersioningStandard ModuleYes
Extension MethodsStandard ModuleYes
SQL IntegrationPremium ModuleYes
HTTP IntegrationPremium ModuleYes
ReportingPremium ModuleYes
Auto State TransitionStandard ModuleNo
OrchestratorStandard ModuleNo
Vault to VaultStandard ModuleNo
Data TransferPremium ModuleYes
Excel IntegrationPremium ModuleYes
LoggingStandard ModuleYes

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