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Auto State Transition

Auto State Transition is intended for use in complex workflows, where the same users appear several times in the role of validators. With the rules in the Auto state transition module, we can ensure that in such cases each person validates the document only once, thus shortening the time required to validate the document and relieving the validators of multiple verifications.

Configuring Auto state transition

After you have successfully installed the application, you should configure Auto state transition.

  1. Open M-Files Admin
  2. In the left-side tree view, expand the desired connection to M-Files Server.
  3. In the left-side tree view, expand the Document Vaults
  4. Still in the left-side tree view, expand the vault where you installed the connector and select Configurations.
  5. Expand Other Applications
  6. Expand Extension Kit
  7. Click on Auto state transition
NameTextSpecifies the rule group name.
Rule groups[n]>Group [n]> Rule [n]
NameTextSpecifies the rule name.
DescriptionTextOptional rule description
EnabledYes/NoSpecifies whether rule is in use.
Configuration modeSimple/Advance
Execute inSelectedWorkflowsSpecifies workflow
State condition• CreatedByAssignedUser
• AnyStateChangedByAssignedUser,       • LastStateChangedByAssignedUser
Controls when rule will be executed.       CreatedByAssignedUser. If AssignedTo user is the same as the user who created object. AnyStateChangedByAssignedUser. If current AssignedTo user already approved this object in one of previous versions.    LastStateChangedByAssignedUser. If current AssignedTo user was the last user who approved this object.
Workflow conditionsGroup of workflows and state transitions on which rule can be executed.
WorkflowsWorkflowWorkflow filter.
Auto state transitionsState transitionState transitions filter.
Additional object conditionsAdditional conditions that trigger object needs to satisfy.
Search conditionsSearch conditionsOptional additional conditions that trigger object needs to satisfy. Conditions inside a single filter are combined with AND, while multiple filters are combined with OR operator.

Use case

Rule for incoming invoices with Additional object condition. If AssignedTo already approved current object then selected auto state transitions can be made, shown in Picture 1.

auto state transition configuration in m-files
Picture 1. Rule configuration.

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